State-of-the-art testing equipment allows Symmetry to achieve a consistently high level of accuracy in its analysis and valuations.

Our sister company Spectra Gem Laboratory is one of the best equipped in Australia and uses the very latest infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy and a powerful binocular microscope.

The equipment can detect synthetics and treatments often missed by standard gemmological equipment used by other gemmologists and gem laboratories in Australia.

This is a key advantage because sophisticated manufacturing and treatment processes are making it far harder to identify synthetics and gemstone treatments.


FTIR Spectroscopy

Spectra’s Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is an advanced laser device which allows Symmetry to accurately assess the type of stone and whether it is natural or synthetic.

It also identifies if any treatments have been applied including the use of dyes, resins, oils and polymers.

Depending on the size and settings, the spectroscopy can test stones while they are set and is powerful enough to detect treatments such as polymer-treated jadeite which standard gemmological equipment cannot detect.


UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Symmetry can help customers identify specific synthetic gems and treatments which are normally difficult to detect with its ultraviolet–visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy.

The UV-Vis spectroscopy uses varying light sources to produce a spectrum in the visible and ultra-violet areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.



The tinniest imperfections and features can be identified and assessed using Spectra’s research-grade Leica binocular microscope.

Leica is a world leader in optics and our 160x magnification microscope with its in-built digital camera and specialist software produces images of intense sharpness and maximum depth of field.