There are many reasons why Symmetry is able to deliver true value to our customers

In short, we have expert knowledge, we give unbiased advice, our technology is second to none and we have great attention to detail. It’s the Symmetry difference.

Expert Knowledge

Symmetry principal Kym Hughes is one of Australia’s most experienced jewellery valuers with specialist knowledge in all areas of gem and jewellery valuation, including watches.

As president of the peak industry body, the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), Kym is at the forefront of setting standards in this demanding and highly technical profession.

She has Australian and international qualifications as a diamond grader and gemmologist and regularly updates her skills through industry training both here and overseas.

Kym's Qualifications

Unbiased Advice

Symmetry’s status as an independent jewellery valuer and gemstone grader means customers can be confident of receiving a fair, honest and accurate appraisal.

We have no other alliances with buyers, sellers or insurance agents, and we do not buy, repair or sell jewellery. Our loyalty is with our customers – no-one else – which allows us to give totally unbiased advice.

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Latest Technology

Symmetry uses the very latest high-grade equipment to provide an unparalleled level of accuracy in its evaluations.

Our sister company Spectra Gem Laboratory is equipped with both infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy and a research-grade binocular microscope for precise scientific coloured gem testing and grading reports.

As a result we can detect sophisticated synthetics and gemstone treatments that other gemmologists and laboratories may miss.

Our Laboratory

Attention to Detail

For a precise valuation of your jewellery, all facets must be individually appraised and compared against market demand and trends.

At Symmetry we have developed an nine-point valuation process to make sure our estimate of the item’s worth is as accurate as possible.

It’s a rigorous approach to valuation which embraces the latest technology, acid and electronic testing, weight and quality analysis, and manufacture identification.

Our Process

Why get a valuation?

Having your jewellery independently valued is important for your own protection – you are taking a risk by not having it valued.

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